A free-to-enter submission window from 1 April to 31 May, to lift spirits with whimsy, smiles, & laughter

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We’re looking for light-hearted poems that make us smile, titter, giggle, belly laugh, cry with helpless mirth, or are black humour that makes us think.

And they must be strikingly original.

There are thousands of joke verses on the internet — and it’s as easy to check whether they’ve been copied as it is to copy them. So if you borrow someone else’s idea, make sure all the words you use to recreate it are yours.

In short, we look forward to poems that excite us enough to share the joke, the fun, the whimsy with wildfire words readers.

We aim to be inclusive of poets worldwide. We respect all people and their well-being, beliefs, individuality, and free speech, and expect the same from other poets. We’ll evaluate your poetic jewel, whether it’s a cut and polished dazzler or a rough stone with some interesting, unique lustre. So please don’t hesitate to submit.

Your submission may be in almost any form from a haiku of 17 syllables to a prose poem of 40 lines when displayed in our page. of published poems. However we are NOT ACCEPTING LIMERICKS as these are the subject of a competition window we are holding in June. If you have a good, original limerick, please save it for the chance of a cash prize in June.

During this submission window, each poet may make one submission as a single file containing 1, 2, or 3 poems. Poems can be in any form, but no longer than 40 lines including stanza breaks. Do, please, supply a mini-bio of 50 words maximum to be published alongside your poem. We also encourage you to submit an audio recording of your poem(s) or book a place on our free recording sessions list in Events.

Submissions are free and must be sent by 11:59 pm on 31 May.

Submitted poems must be your own original work, in English, preferably unpublished in any form except your own website. However, you may submit previously published work, provided you own the copyright with no restriction on another online publication.

Where an original poet teams up with a translator into English, we will consider publishing the work, provided biographies of both original poet and translator are provided.

If your work is published online in wildfire words, it will be on a non-exclusive basis for at least one year. The copyright remains yours for all poems, bios, and audio recordings you submit for publication.

If you would like to support the sustainability of wildfire words, a non-profit organization providing publication opportunities for poets worldwide, you can do so on this form. The size of any donation will have no impact on your chance of publication.

Howard Timms, Feature Editor

Submission form
Your submission will automatically be acknowledged within minutes of making it via this form. If your work is published in wildfire words ezine, it will be on a non-exclusive basis for at least one year. The copyright remains yours for all poems, bios, and audio recordings you submit for publication.

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