Will you rename Autumn?

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Some call it Fall, or Fa’.

John Keats in ‘To Autumn’ called it Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

or it could be:

Harvest Time

Gardeners’ nightmare

Vine Time

My vine's leaf
My vine's leaf
My vine's leaf

Time of the well-fed birds

My vine is fecundly fruiting. Rampant rain of the last few days has stopped me cutting down sweet heavy bunches of grapes. So birds — not socially distanced — are provided with their own tented feast. Maybe I’ll make a poem of that.

Now is your chance to produce your poem on this dramatic time of year — up to twenty lines long. Show us what you call it and why. I’ll select and publish any that has an apt autumnal moniker, well supported in a quality poem — no matter what form it takes.

Submission is free, and can be made by copying your poem and pasting it into the TITLE and TEXT boxes below.
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Now please send your poem renaming autumn!