Renaming 2020

A free submission opportunity

We all lost a lot during 2020. Poetry helped some of us through it.
Could writing a poem help you get closure on that awful year? Can you encapsulate That Year in a short poem that gives it a unique name like ‘2020 Vision’ or ‘I can’t breathe’? If so, we invite you to submit your poem to Renaming 2020. Your poem can be in any style or form you like, but no more than 24 lines
, not counting blank lines.

We aim to be as inclusive as possible for poets worldwide. We equally respect, and expect equal respect for, all other people and their well-being. We’ll publish any poem (of reasonable length) that adds fresh creative spice to the poetry in this feature. We’ll evaluate your jewel, whether a cut and polished dazzler or a rough stone with some interesting lustre.

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We will publish any poem that supports a good name for the year in a poem. Poems will be accepted up to and including 28 February 2021.

When you submit a poem, you are conferring the non-exclusive right for wildfire words to publish it for one year, if selected by the editors. We reserve the right to edit entries, but will not publish any amended poem without prior permission from its author.

Marilyn & Howard Timms.

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