Renaming Freedom — free submission opportunity

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This summer’s Renaming feature asks what freedom means to you. Submissions are welcome, and free, using the form below.

Is freedom having a voice in how your home, family, friends, job, government, or a pandemic are run? Do you think yours should be the dominant or only voice in one or all of these? Is true freedom something that is shared?

This year, the UK government announced a Freedom Day on 19 July, when legal covid restrictions would be lifted. That can be said to include the freedom to infect contacts, friends, and family with a dangerous disease. Evidence at the time of writing suggests that most people will continue with some social distancing and wearing masks indoors. What’s your reaction?

In a specific example, such as driving a car or wearing a mask, how much limiting or licencing of freedom is justifiable?

Does freedom mean independence – choosing what to do without regard to other people, laws, or conventions? Or do you see that kind of absolute freedom as selfishness or evil? Should freedom always include respect for others’ right to freedom?

July and August are packed with independence anniversaries of when nations gained freedom from foreign or tyrannical rule. Does independence mean increased freedom, or simply another type of interdependence with a degree of freedom?

You are invited to submit a poem or poems to imply a creative name for independence or freedom. It could be about now, a time you tasted personal freedom, your feelings in freeing a child’s life, or agreeing to curtail an elderly parent’s freedom. Or it might describe your choices if you ruled the world with complete freedom.

Submissions welcome

We aim to be inclusive of poets worldwide. We respect all other people and their well-being, beliefs, individuality, and free speech, and expect the same from other poets. We’ll publish any poem that adds fresh creative spice to the poetry in this feature — 40 lines maximum. We’ll evaluate your poetic jewel, whether it’s a cut and polished dazzler or a rough stone with some interesting lustre. So please don’t hesitate to submit.
Please include your biography in no more than 50 words with regard to poetry, and includeyour website or Facebook/Twitter name.
Poems will be accepted up to and including 15 September 2021.

When you submit a poem in the box below, you are conferring the non-exclusive right for wildfire words to publish it and your biography for one year, if your poem is selected for publication. We reserve the right to edit entries, but will not publish any amended work without full prior permission for the edits from its author.

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