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The New Normal has been talked about for a year or more, and for every million people in the world, there are probably at least a million new normals being expected, hoped for, and/or dreaded.

What’s yours? — Will you be readjusting to a Normal turned upside down by Covid-19, or an brand new version tempered by what you’ve learnt about yourself or the evolving world? Will anything seem normal to you, once the pandemic is officially over, and Covid is just an ordinary infectious disease like flu — life threatening, but largely preventable.

Will you be regaining control or freedom, or losing new freedoms that lockdown surprised you with — like avoiding a commute, unpleasant workmates and /or choosing whatever work clothes you like?
Will it be regaining the freshly appreciated company of family, friends, and acquaintances?
Will it be freely moving wherever, whenever, with whom, and for whatever reason you choose — and you like?

Whichever one, or combination, of these you expect, what are you going to call your new circumstances?

Submissions welcome

We aim to be as inclusive as possible for poets worldwide. We respect all other people and their well-being, and expect the same from other poets. We’ll publish any poem that adds fresh creative spice to the poetry in this feature — 40 lines maximum. We’ll evaluate your poetic jewel, whether a cut and polished dazzler or a rough stone with some interesting lustre.

We are looking for poems giving a inventive name for Normal. If we choose your poem, we will publish it alongside a biography of you.
Please include your biography in no more than 50 words with regard to poetry, and including your website or Facebook/Twitter name.
Poems will be accepted up to and including 30 June 2021.

When you submit a poem in the box below, you are conferring the non-exclusive right for wildfire words to publish it and your biography for one year, if your poem is selected for publication. We reserve the right to edit entries, but will not publish any amended work without full prior permission from its author.

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