Our service and its funding

Frosted Fire is the publisher of Wildfire Words and of poetry books that arise from its competitions.

Wildfire words service to poetry

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Wildfire words is a not-for-profit ezine offering poets opportunities to share their voices around the world. We do this through:

  • At least 8 free-to-enter themed submission windows per year, on specific broad topics, or using one poetic form. Submitting poems are curated by published poets, and generally more than half are published**.
  • Two free-to-enter open submission windows per year, one in winter and one in summer. Poems submitted can be on any subject and almost any format. Generally fewer than half are published**.
  • Two annual competitions, each offering two awards of a publishing contract and 50 free copies to entrants who have not yet published a book of their own poetry. Generally, the award winners also go on to join the judging team for the following year. All winners and commended poets are offered publication of a poem from their entry**.
  • An annual single-poem competition on a timely theme, with cash prizes for winners, plus publication for prizewinners and all commended poets**.
  • **All published poets are offered a free Zoom event, like an open mic, when they can record a reading of their poem which is published alongside its text, or they can submit their own recording. Adding audio alongside poets’ text is a hallmark of wildfire words.

How our service is funded

Wildfire/Frosted income has two sources — competition fees and donations from poets and poetry readers who value our services to the poetry world. Staffed by volunteers, we aim for sustainability by building enough income to pay all our expenses. These include competition judging and prizes, website hosting and software, printing costs, and administration expenses.

About the wildfire words team

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Thank you for your interest and support. Your contribution to the sustainability of our poetry publishing service is much appreciated.

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