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CPF-logo-idea-1cFrosted Fire blue back logo The publishing house of Cheltenham Poetry Festival, Frosted Fire Press  promotes poetry through books, this blog, and competitions.We publish exciting, emerging names as well as acclaimed, established poets. Our books published to date are shown below
Huge thanks to Howard Timms for managing and sponsoring Frosted Fire Press.  
Anna Saunders, Founder and Executive Director of Cheltenham Poetry Festival.
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Winner of the Frosted Fire First Pamphlet competition. 2019, Janet Lees’ book displays a broad range of fine-tuned emotions.

Its moods range through ironic, comedic, raunchy, wistful, nostalgic, or grieving.

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Frosted Fire First pamphlets were launched by the Cheltenham Poetry Festival in October 2018 with the publication of poetry of Neil Richards  in his pamphlet Wings made from the muscle of a river.

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Dear World is an anthology of poems on environmental themes and the natural world by many distinguished poets. It was published for the 2015 Cheltenham Poetry Festival by Frosted Fire Press. 
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