Recording your poetry in wildfire words

wildfire words offers you a simple opportunity to make your poem heard as well as read

wildfire words aims to publish audio alongside almost all poems we select for publication. Some contributors submit audio they recorded themselves with their poem.

Most phones, tablets, and computers have a way of recording sound. It takes a few minutes to create an audio file of your reading. You can then upload that file at the same time as you upload the file of the poem’s text in a submission.

It doesn’t matter what format your audio is in, we can usually convert any audio quickly to the MP3 format that we need for wildfire words.

If you don’t feel confident to record yourself, you are welcome to join one of our recording sessions.

Let people hear your voice
as they read your poetry

A publishing opportunity exclusive to wildfire words is for a global audience to hear your poem while reading its printed text.

If you would like to speak your poem(s) to readers who choose to read them — wildfire words can help. And your poem is more likely to be read when there’s a audio symbol 2 next to your name, showing you have made an audio of it. 

Click here to reserve a place at the next recording session

If you don’t have the facility or confidence to record your voice, wildfire words offers you the chance to record your poem free of charge by booking a 4-minute slot on a Zoom meeting. (A donation is suggested, but not necessary to secure your place.) If you would like to listen to a recording session before applying to read, you can reserve an audience place on the same form

At our recording events, which last about an hour, up to 15 poets can record a poem of theirs which is currently published text only in wildfire words. Using the form below a poet you can book a slot, and mention the title(s) of your published poem(s). Then we can display your text on screen while you are reading.

Poems will be read in the order in which a reservation is made. You will be sent a running order and a link to the event on the day before the event. After the event, each recording will be placed next to the poem’s text so that your poem is heard and seen.

If you have more than one poem to record, your slot may be at the end of the meeting, and there may be a charge if your recording time goes much over 4 minutes.

We ask you to include a copy of any poem(s) not yet published when you book a place, so that we can advise whether you’re likely to need more than 4 minutes. We will also be able to show your text on screen when you read it.

If you have submitted to the current submission window of wildfire words but are not yet published, you may also apply to read that poem. If we are wavering about whether or not to publish your poem, a well-read audio might just tip the balance and result in publication. And if you request it, you can receive feedback on your poem confidentially from wildfire words after the event.

The recording events are mainly for poets who submitted to our current or previous submission window. However, any poems already published on wildfire words without audio can be read from its published text, which will be shown on screen at the event. The readings are popular — partly as social events, sharing with poets from other parts of the world.

This form is for the recording event on 3 June, for poems published in Frosted Fire Firsts Anthology 2023, April foolery & mirthful May, or any earlier Wildfire Words feature.
To scroll down the form, click on the right-hand edge for arrows and a bar to move down with.


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