Frosted Fire Firsts 2020
excerpts from winning pamphlets


One Brief Wave by David Lukens
And Drought Will Follow by Lee Potts

Highly commended

The Green Man’s mischief by Lesley Burt
First Anniversary by Daniel Fraser
Red by Sharon Phillips
Becoming Rosa Luxemburg by Lucy Maxwell Scott

Commended poets

Look draw look by Rachel Goodman
The Bothy by Barbara Hickson
The Vault of Deep Forgetting by James McGovern
Corpus by Eve Elizabeth Moriarty
In the Grip of the Mountains by Cathy Whittaker
Skin the rabbit by SN Wilson

Wild poems winners
(single poem contest 2020)

Winner: Lady Hurricane by Tammy Armstrong
Second: Flamingo by Sue Finch
Third: Fenland Water Village by I. Patterson

Short listed poems

Towards Earth
Wild Goose Barnacle Chase
Take Me Away Takeaway
The Last Day
When Lightning Struck Our Mare
Roe Deer
The Labours of Athena

Renaming 2020

The poets published, starting with the newest, are:

Ivor Daniel, Alun Robert, Charlotte Murray, Chris Hemingway, Annie Ellis, Anthony Watts, Philip Simmons, Kate Taylor, Sandra Howell, Tim Kiely, Clair Chilvers, Marie Papier, Annie Sturgeon, Andy Campbell, Howard Timms, Claire Lynn, Alwyn Marriage, Robbie Martzen,

Renaming Autumn

The poets published are:

Ivor Daniel, Annie Ellis, Vicky Hampton, William Otto, Sam Smith, Howard Timms, Marilyn Timms

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